A nifty speaker from Logitech, the Z305 USB laptop speaker

Image of Logitech Z305 attached to a laptop

The Logitech Z305 Speaker System

Having great sound from your laptop is no longer a problem with the Logitech Z305 clip on speaker system. I find that when ever I take my netbook with me that I have to carry around a set of headphones with me, which this isn’t really a problem for me since I have a pair that I really like. Often times I’ll be working on a project, or I’ll be showing somebody a video clip and it’s just so hard to easily hear. The headphones work great for me but when somebody else needs to listen they just don’t cut it. The obvious solution is to have a small speaker that could be connected from time to time, but then the speaker needs to be positioned somewhere, which is another great thing about clip-and-go speakers.

The speaker system and clip are extremely light weight and unless your mobile device has extremely unusual dimensions, these should fit your system nicely. Every USB speaker system I’ve personally come across has worked perfectly with plug and play, so there’s no software to install or setup when trying to use these for the first time, you just plug them in and turn up the music. The cord conveniently tucks away into a small compartment, so the unit stores very cleanly with nothing hanging out.

Obviously clip on laptop speakers are going to leave a lot to be desired for audiophiles, so if you really enjoy crystal clear music while you travel, a great sounding pair of headphones is still suggested, but if you travel frequently with family, friends, or co-workers, then having the capability to turn your personal computer into a miniature entertainment system that fits anywhere you go, is really worth the reasonably low price tag.

For more information including pricing on this item check here at Amazon.

The Elegant SONY BDV-E780W Wireless HTiB

Image of the Sony BDV-E780W

The Sony BDV-E780W Home Theater System

Sony has come up with an amazing Home Theater in a Box, the BDV-E780W, which features everything a movie fan would want. This package is loaded with all kinds of great features, it’s not shy on power either, with 1000w of speakers. With more complicated units like this one, some customers get scared away by the thought of a massive cabling disaster, which is no problem with this model since it has wireless rear speakers. The two way front speakers are great for delivering a wide and clear sound cone directly in front of your display. This model doesn’t lack any needed features and is a highly recommended model.

Everybody wants full HD 1080 progressive scan displays today, which will all work great with this home theater in a box. Even if you haven’t jumped into the Blu Ray crowd yet, chances are good you will since Sony keeps providing the highest quality format for today’s movie releases. No system is complete without a decent remote and there’s no huge drawbacks to the included media remote; it even works great with application for iPhones. The Gracenote technology is really cool and I’m still impressed with detection and the fact that it opperates in a way that is very easy and effective. Precision Cinema HD Upscaling is a massive improvement over no conversion but I still prefer to watch movies that are full blu-ray. The front USB ports on the receiver unit make sharing family photos and movies relatively simple and easy, obviously movie creation does require a basic understanding of the format you are working with.

The system is pretty much ready to use out of the box but it takes take a bit of time to connect everything. To make things go tremendously easier there’s an auto calibration feature that uses a microphone to automatically adjust your speaker levels for an optimal listening experience. One important thing to remember is that there is only one optical audio input, I’ve read some complaints from different people who have multiple devices and were forced to setup one through RCA cables. This may not be ideal for you so please double check the inputs of your existing devices and remember that most current game systems are typically connected through HDMI.

So if you’re ready to expand your home entertainment experience with the Sony BDV-E780W, check here for pricing information from Amazon.com.

The HT-D6500W Home Audio System, Samsung’s Stylish HTIB

Image of the HT-D6500W

Samsung HT-D6500W HTiB

This 1000w Samsung home theater system features great visual styling and the perfect addition to your new 3d Blu ray entrainment center. The HT-D6500w is an excellent example of Samsung’s quality line of home cinema products.

The receiver has a slot-loading disc tray, which conveniently slides out of the way and doesn’t interfere with most shelving units and cabinet doors. The unit also has a bright white activity LED which is always a nice touch, it allows you to clearly see the unit in the dark, this might not sound that important but when it’s lacking off a model it really can be quite inconvenient. The satellite speakers are finished with a relatively classic looking glossy black on brushed metal color scheme, which looks great in almost all environments. Some shoppers like the wood grain look on higher end models, and I do agree it looks great and in reality doesn’t add too much cost to the product, but these speakers stand out and look pretty classy because of the natural polished metal look.

The total lack of speaker grills adds to the sophisticated look and theoretically should improve sound quality, although I’m sure many audio fanatics will line up to argue that point. I certainly have some mixed emotions about the lack of grills; there’s nothing to protect the speaker from damage, so if you can foresee unintentional damage in your life’s future, this could be a big turn off for you. Obviously one great solution for most people would be to just mount the satellites on the wall, but this might not be completely ideal for everybody.

If you’re worried about connectivity this 5.1 home theater system comes with plenty of different connections for all of your devices. The most popular and easiest way is to simply connect your high definition display via HDMI to the receiver and then properly connect all of the remaining audio channels. The unit features all of the latest technologies, from an Ipod docking station and full support for 3D movie content.

Overall this is an excellent high to mid-ranged priced home theater in a box system that is geared towards the every day consumer. It looks and sounds great, is relatively affordable, and supports all of the most recent technological advances that you would actually want. For pricing and other information check here on Amazon.

Sony HT-CT150 Home Theater System Specifications

Image of Sony HT-CT150

The Sony HT-CT150

I was pretty suprised when I first saw this the Sony HT-CT150 speaker system package, initially it just seemed like an incomplete speaker system and I wasn’t expecting much out of it. The system sounds great considering the cost and size, it’s especially neat when attached to the Bravia series displays. That’s the main advantage of this system, is certainly it’s size and sleek apperance. The speakers are suprisingly loud and easily fill up small to medium sized rooms in clear 5.1 sound.

As with any speaker system it is important to set it up correctly so that the dialog will come through and sound clean. Especially with this type of setup, since much of the dialog is directed through the center channel. Some people have commented that the speaker might be a bit small in large rooms, but that’s to be expected if the room is exceptionally large. Some rooms are so large that they will require special audio designs to accommodate the structure. But in the normal apparent or bed room setting this system is sufficiently loud and sounds great.

Another important concept with this system that it’s relatively simple, if you are looking for some extremely complicated audiophile quality setup then you might find yourself disappointed. The operating instructions manual is 124 pages, which is sufficient. If you’re just a casual movie goer but want a speaker system that sounds a little better then this is a reasonable compromise.

The 3D Sound BAR System is 32 inches long and will complete your 3D home theater experience with it’s amazing crisp sound. This device can be turned into a 3D entertainment hub when you connect your audio devices via one simple HDMI cable. This is a great feature if you happen to have many different devices that you want to connect to the sound bar. The sleak bar can be easily mounted certain BRAVIA TVs, which is really cool feature if you should happen to own one. As with most sound bars it can easily be hung on any wall, or placed on a shelf.

HT-CT150 Home Theater System specifications:

Video Mode Supported – Progressive Scan

Audio Sound System – DTS HD

Number of Speakers and Configuration – 2 / custom sound bar

This unit supports HDMI, has 2 analog audio inpuits, and 3 digital optical inputs.

The unit is powered by a single 110 V AC adapter.

Physical Characteristics:

Height: – 2.60 inches

Width – 31.50 inches

Depth – 2.36 inches

Approximate Weight: 2 Pounds

The package comes with a standard one year warranty.

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The Energy 5.1 Take Classic Home Audio System

Image of Energy 5.1  Take Classic Home Theater

Energy 5.1 Take Classic

The Energy 5.1 Take Classic is an affordable and capable system  that is finished with a glossy piano black finish which is great since it blends well in most homes. It is an excellent complement to most high definition displays and isn’t insanely expensive. The subwoofer is reasonably powerful at 200 watts and was designed to produce clear sound utilizing Energy’s exclusive elliptical surround technology.

You may have not heard of Energy before but rest assured that they’ve been producing quality audio equipment since 1973. Each speaker is designed in such a way that it reproduces the audio range clearly so that no frequences squelch out any others. The design also boosts low distorition and low resonance, which all music and movie lovers will appreciate.

The six piece system has four satellite speakers, one subwoofer, and one center channel which is perfect for most home systems. Some audio enthusiats will not be satisfied with this system since it does leave some room to be desired. The package itself is incredibly hard to beat for the price, but some people would want a little more power and some speaker systems are far more complicated then this one.

The main advantage of these speakers is that they are just so well rounded. I won’t lie and pretend they’re the best sounding speakers on the planet but most people seem to be satisified for the price. They look great and arn’t overly obtuse, they should blend in well with most home furnishings. Some systems are pretty large and this causes space issues for people who live in apartments or smaller homes, and the system isn’t likely to be considered too loud for city living.

So if you’re looking for an affordable and well rounded set of speakers for your new high definition television or home theater system, then check out the pricing for the Energy 5.1 Take Classic Home Audio System on Amazon.