A nifty speaker from Logitech, the Z305 USB laptop speaker

Image of Logitech Z305 attached to a laptop

The Logitech Z305 Speaker System

Having great sound from your laptop is no longer a problem with the Logitech Z305 clip on speaker system. I find that when ever I take my netbook with me that I have to carry around a set of headphones with me, which this isn’t really a problem for me since I have a pair that I really like. Often times I’ll be working on a project, or I’ll be showing somebody a video clip and it’s just so hard to easily hear. The headphones work great for me but when somebody else needs to listen they just don’t cut it. The obvious solution is to have a small speaker that could be connected from time to time, but then the speaker needs to be positioned somewhere, which is another great thing about clip-and-go speakers.

The speaker system and clip are extremely light weight and unless your mobile device has extremely unusual dimensions, these should fit your system nicely. Every USB speaker system I’ve personally come across has worked perfectly with plug and play, so there’s no software to install or setup when trying to use these for the first time, you just plug them in and turn up the music. The cord conveniently tucks away into a small compartment, so the unit stores very cleanly with nothing hanging out.

Obviously clip on laptop speakers are going to leave a lot to be desired for audiophiles, so if you really enjoy crystal clear music while you travel, a great sounding pair of headphones is still suggested, but if you travel frequently with family, friends, or co-workers, then having the capability to turn your personal computer into a miniature entertainment system that fits anywhere you go, is really worth the reasonably low price tag.

For more information including pricing on this item check here at Amazon.

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